Thursday, 17 May 2012

Algonquin May 2012

After 5+ years of canoe camping Eric and I decided to go back to car camping so that we could do some hiking. After the agony of sleeping on tiny camping mats for canoe camping, our shoulders and backs needed more comfort. Enter the Little Guy RT.

It's basically a bed on wheels. You can't stand up in it, as soon as you enter you're on the bed. It was so much more comfortable than a tent. No set up time and no worries about rain.

We camped in Mew Lake Campground, it was one of the only campgrounds open since it's opening weekend for the campsites. We had site 118 along the water. It's quite different from canoe camping - there's neighbours. But the hiking was great so it's worthwhile.

Eric using our new portable BBQ for the first time..and enjoying a beer

We had Friday off work so we arrived at the campsite at 2:30, just after check-in time. We did one hike Friday afternoon, Bat Lake Trail which took just under 2 hours.

View from Bat Lake trail

 Another view from Bat Lake trail

Saturday our plan was to hike the Mizzy Lake Trail, an 11 km hike estimated to take 6 hours. It's supposed to be the best trail to find wildlife and passes many lakes. It's over rough terrain with a lot of tree roots and mud. About an hour in we came across a mama moose and her two babies that looked to be from last year. She wasn't that happy to see us and started coming toward us. We backtracked and waited to see if she was still coming, and she was. This went on for a good 20 minutes. At some point we met up with other hikers so it was the four of us being chased by the moose. We had the lake on one side and forest on the other. She moved very quickly through the forest and if she ran at us there's no way we could have outrun her. The three moose entered the water to feed but they heard us so she came after us again. We all decided we weren't going to get past her and she was very determined to keep us away so we retreated to the trail head.

Eric along the Mizzy Lake trail moments before coming across the moose family

One of the baby moose we saw

We decided to do another trail, Centennial Ridges. Another 6 hour hike, this one was ranked strenuous due to the climbs required for all the nice views. The views were worth it. We got rained on halfway through so we were pretty happy when we were finished.

Lookout along Centennial Ridge. I'm wearing a front pack camera bag, always at the ready.

Painted trillium, my first time seeing one


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