Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Bike ride in search of fudge

The last weekend of June I went on what I call a bike ride in search of fudge. My normal bike ride goes from Kinburn to the cottage community of Vydon Acres near the Ottawa river. When I want to do a longer ride I go to the Quyon ferry which ferries people back and forth between Ontario and Quebec.
Since it costs to take the bike over, I usually sit at the ferry dock and watch for a while and then head on home. It's a 40km round trip through farm land and is a nice ride. The only bad part is the 15 minute stretch on Galetta Side Road, it's an extremely busy 80km/hr road with cars that seem to hate moving over for cyclists.

A salamander I saw on the road so I stopped to move him so he didn't get run over

View of the Ottawa River from the ferry terminal

On the way back I stopped at a little fudge store in Fitzroy Harbour, near the provincial park. It's called Penny's Fudge Factory and walking in there is heavenly with the smell of fudge baking. I biked there with a $20 bill in my cell phone pouch and figured I'd strap the fudge to the back of my bike with a bungee cord. Needless to say after attaching it and starting to ride home, the bungee cord promptly released and got tangled in my chain that required extreme effort to untangle. After reattaching it and getting all dirty from the chain grease, I made it home with the fudge intact and surprisingly not melted.

 The fudge factory with the fudge strapped to the back of my bike with a bungee cord

Of course between Eric and I we quickly ate the entire box of fudge. I devoured the cookie dough flavour which is my favourite and Eric, well anyone who knows Eric knows the flavour doesn't matter as long as it's got sugar in it.

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