Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Murphy's Point camping trip July 2012

Eric and I went camping at Murphy's Point Provincial Park the weekend of July 14th. Lately we've been camping Saturday and Sunday evenings instead of the usual Friday/Saturday so that we've got the trails to ourselves Sunday.

It was a really hot weekend with temperatures in the 30s so it was hard to get the energy to go on a hike. In addition to the heat the deer-flies were everywhere, especially on the trails. As nice as it was we decided this will be the last camping trip in July, we prefer the temperatures of September.

One of the walks we did was to McParlan House that was built in the 1800s. Unfortunately Eric and I both got stung by wasps at the door to the house.

The highlight of the weekend was seeing a Black Rat Snake, considered Threatened in the St. Lawrence area. The snake was about 3.5 feet long and was right along the trail. We were so excited to see it, the excitement for me lasted several hours. It's the largest snake we've seen here in Canada.

Eric between two large oak trees on the Sylvan trail

Cute little toad along the Sylvan trail

Black Rat Snake, at first I thought it was a very dark branch

The snake compared to Eric's foot to show its size

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