Thursday, 16 August 2012

Bike & hike to Morris Island

We're lucky to live only 10km away from Morris Island Conservation area. It's a beautiful forested park right along the Ottawa River where people come to canoe, kayak, fish, and hike. I usually bike along Loggers Way and end at the river, passing the conservation area on my way. On one of my recent vacation days I decided to bring along a change of clothes, stop in at the conservation area, and do some hiking. They have about 14 km of trails there so it's a great place to visit.

 Some deer along the way to the conservation area, if only I could carry my 300 zoom with me.

Entrance to the park with my bicycle locked up to the post.

View near the start of the trails, there's a bridge up ahead where people like to fish.

They've installed some beautiful trail signs.

The beautiful Ottawa river. The conservation area has a lot of small islands making it perfect for kayaking.

Self-portrait with my camera balanced on a rock and propped up with a stick.

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