Monday, 24 September 2012

East Algonquin: Achray

In early September, Eric and I went camping for two nights at Algonquin's Achray campground, near Petawawa. There's only 40 sites so it's a nice small, quiet campground along the shores of Grand Lake.

We really liked camping here, the sites remind us of canoe camping sites and it's very quiet. The only bad thing is the road to get here, it's about 50km over very rough dirt road that's used for logging. At times we were driving less than 20km/hr.

We were lucky with the weather, it only rained after we had arrived and set up our screened-in tent.The first night we walked to the site of Tom Thomson's Jack Pine painting. The pine is no longer standing but it was still interesting to see where it was located.

 Eric cooking breakfast at our site

Our awesome camper, Little Guy RT

Site of the Jack Pine painting from Tom Thomson

A family of foxes live in the campground, this guy came right into our campsite

Saturday morning we hiked the Berm Lake trail. Our wildlife sightings along the trail were limited to several squirrels and a blue heron. It was a nice trail that took about 2 hours to hike. It's through mature pine forest with several views of the lake.

This little guy posed for about 10 seconds, just enough time to take a photo

Blue heron

After lunch we drove to the Barron Canyon lookout. Seeing the view from above makes me want to canoe down the canyon, it's very beautiful. We actually saw some kayakers go by when we were there.

View from the Barron Canyon lookout

Another view from the Barron Canyon lookout, disappointed I left the polarizing filter in the car

Both nights we saw gorgeous sunsets from our campsite. I must have taken over 50 photos, it was hard to narrow it down to my favourites. The sky was beautiful and it reflected on the lake.

 If you look closely you can see a canoe in the middle


 The beautiful beach where we went swimming earlier in the day

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