Friday, 12 October 2012

Murphy's Point fall camping

Thanksgiving weekend this year was spent camping at Murphy's Point Provincial Park in Perth with Sean and Maria Belyea and their two daughters Sabrina and Isabella.
They camped in the electric sites with their humongous camper with all the amenities (it was nice and warm in there) and we camped in the non-electric sites down the road. 

The Belyea camper

The Mayer camper

The evenings were fairly cold so we sat around the campfire both nights to warm up. The first night it was windy so I sat at the fire in my bunny bag which Sabrina and Isabella got a kick out of. They couldn't figure out how I'd get out of it.

Saturday Eric, Maria and I went on a hike along the Rideau trail that cuts through Murphy's Point. The fall colours were gorgeous, especially one section where they reflected in the lake.

Isabella and Sabrina who came with us at the beginning of the hike

Love these colours

The nicest picture I've ever taken in fall, love the reflection

We stopped for lunch at a spot near the lake and sat on some rocks eating our sandwiches. At one point Maria asked me about a bug on her arm. I looked at it and thought it was nothing so just said to brush it off. A few minutes later she noticed she had about 10 on her arm. I looked and found them all over both myself and Eric who thought they were ticks. So the rest of the hike we would randomly stop to check each other for ticks. We confirmed later via Eric's BlackBerry that they were indeed ticks. Welcome to hiking Maria, I swear it's our first tick experience!

At our lunch spot, little did we know ticks were climbing on us

Maria enjoying her first ever hike

We all had a great time and loved our Thanksgiving weekend camping. We plan to make it a yearly event and are already looking forward to the next one.

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