Friday, 5 October 2012

Silent Lake

Mid-September we went camping near Bancroft at Silent Lake Provincial Park. It was only a 2.5 hour drive from Kinburn so it was closer than we thought. We camped Saturday and Sunday night, taking Monday off work.

After arriving Saturday around 5pm, we had a quick supper and then walked around the campsite. We saw a deer on our walk so I went off in search of wildlife photos while Eric had a beer around the campfire. The deer were everywhere and you could get within 10 feet of them.

Saturday it was cloudy and rained off and on. We did the 15km/6 hour hike around Silent Lake. The first half is beautiful right along the shoreline while the second half is inland. We had to take shelter under pine trees a few times due to the rain.

Our camera was balanced on a stump for this one, only took 15 minutes to get a photo. Fall colours just starting in the background.

One of the shoreline views near the start of the trail

We had a pasta dinner after the long hike and read our e-books at the campsite for a while. It was so cold I was sitting on my zero gravity chair in a sleeping bag. Eric had bought some campfire wood from the park but it was soaking wet so unfortunately we didn't get much heat from the campfire.

At dusk I went out looking to get pictures of deer again. I had one male deer with tiny antlers come very close to me while he was eating. As long as I didn't move he let me get pretty close to take pictures.

A fawn with just a few spots left

 The same fawn with its mommy

It's like he was posing for me, love this one.

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