Tuesday, 6 November 2012

2012 veggie garden review

I love having a veggie garden. There's nothing like going in the backyard to pick something and making a fresh meal out of it. You knowing it hasn't been treated with pesticides, it couldn't be any fresher, and you're reducing your global footprint. Its an amazing feeling of accomplishment and pride at seeing it grow all summer long.

Here's what I grew in my garden this season:
  • carrots
  • swiss chard
  • kale
  • red peppers (6)
  • green peppers (6)
  • chives
  • basil
  • tomatoes (6)
  • cucumber (3)
  • green zucchini (1)
  • leaf lettuce
  • snow peas
  • yellow beans
  • radishes
  • rosemary
  • asparagus
The radishes starting to grow

Freshly picked radishes

With the drought in July, it was a tough year for the veggie garden. I had to replant seeds several times before they would sprout, especially carrots and yellow beans. I wasn't able to get my leeks going, I tried twice in pots indoors this spring and they died after sprouting both times. The most discouraging vegetable this year was my asparagus patch. Asparagus are perennial plants (they come back every year), that take three years of growth before you can start to eat them. Some of my plants were five years old. Unfortunately they all died. I suspect a spring frost at the end of April but I see asparagus growing at farms nearby so I'm still not 100% sure what killed it. I will have to start all over again. 

I tried growing cucumber and zucchini in pots. They take up a lot of room in the garden and they bend when laying on the ground. I wanted to try having them on the bbq wall and grow down the wall. With the drought I ended up moving all my pots to the front porch where its only morning sun. They ended up doing quite well there and I'll try it again next year. Even the local chipmunks liked them. I was wondering why I wasn't getting any more zucchinis, one day I saw a cute chipmunk come along and steal a baby zucchini off the vine.

The cucumbers on the bbq wall doing well before the drought hit

Cucumbers growing up the front porch railing

 Red leaf lettuce

Tomato plants

 Snow peas

Some of the delicious meals I make that incorporate garden veggies include: falafel, tomato sandwiches, stir fry, smoothie juice (kale and swiss chard), greek salad (my favourite), carrot soup, rosemary bread, and pasta with pesto sauce. Since I'm vegetarian I have many uses for the veggies.


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