Sunday, 10 March 2013

My first Norwex products

About a week ago I went to a Norwex party at my friend Cheryl Robinson's place. I wanted to go to the party because the products were advertised as environmentally friendly which is always something I'm interested in. Norwex also doesn't perform animal testing, something else I always look for. The consultant was another friend of mine, Mara Gravelle.

I ended up buying several products: dryer balls, oven cleaner, cleaning paste, veggie scrub cloth, carpet stain remover, kitchen cloth, and a basic package which included a window cloth and polish cloth.

The first product I tried at home was the window cloth. All you need is water to clean your windows which is amazing. I honestly cleaned the inside of all the windows on my main floor within 10 minutes. It used to take me over an hour and I had to lug around my bucket, squeegie, and several cloths. I can't recommend this cloth enough, I sent Eric a message saying I couldn't stop cleaning because it was so fun and efficient.

After the windows I cleaned my oven with their oven cleaner. Eric had been complaining about it for a while and everytime I used the oven it smelled like something was burning. I always dreaded cleaning the oven because I hate oven cleaner fumes and the self cleaning option on the oven uses a lot of electricity. Within 10 minutes my oven was clean without fumes!

We don't have a dishwasher so we clean all our dishes by hand, the kitchen cloth does a great job cleaning them without any soap. You don't have to worry about my dishes being dirty since the cloth has special micro-fibers to trap all the dirt.

Overall I love the products I've used so far and I may buy some of the cloths for our camper, especially the kitchen cloth. Not using soap means we don't have to throw out soapy dish water on the ground.

If interested in some of their products let me know, I may host a party if enough people are interested.


  1. Hey! I'm wondering if you can offer any proof that Norwex doesn't test on animals?

    1. Since I don't work for Norwex you may want to contact them directly via their website.