Saturday, 27 April 2013

Tribute to Shadow

We had to say goodbye to Shadow this week. She had been sick for a while.We knew she had a polyp in her ear that required a pretty serious surgery by a board certified surgeon and were keeping an eye on her symptoms since January. At the end of February we noticed her pupils were dilated different sizes, she was starting to sleep all the time, and she was losing interest in her toys. She normally was a pretty hyper cat that loved her toys. She was also starting to lay down with her head hovering about the ground, it just seemed weird the way she was sitting.

I made an appointment with the surgeon to see about removing the polyp. The surgeon told me he was only 75% sure all she had wrong was a polyp, he thought she had some sort of neurological issue and recommended an MRI. The estimate for polyp removal was $3000 with an MRI costing another $3000. I didn't think getting an MRI was worth it because if it showed something it wouldn't be anything we would be able to fix or want to put her through fixing it. I was very disappointed after the appointment as I was starting to realize she might have too many problems to fix.

A few weeks later Shadow started sleeping all the time and never left our bedroom. We took her to our vet to see what she thought. She agreed an MRI wouldn't be worth it. She recommended we try an antibiotic for a month and re-evaluate. After three weeks Shadow started declining. She was sleeping 23.5 hours a day and having trouble swallowing,  She was still drinking on her own but when she went to eat her favourite dry food she only ate a few niblets at a time, I was bringing her canned food and she ate it for a while but near the end she was just licking it. While petting her, Eric found a lump on the side of her throat. I made a vet appointment for the following week. We both knew that we were going to have to say good-bye. Her last week I made sure to take her for walks outside where I took pictures of her. Before leaving for her appt, I took her for a walk and told her "we'll walk anywhere in the yard you want to go". Of course, she spent most of the time looking up at me wanting me to pet her.

The vet thought the lumps, one on her throat and one on the side of the throat, were quite large and was most likely lymphoma, a form of cancer. She could do a biopsy but she would have to put Shadow under to take it since she was such a difficult cat at the vet. Based on her symptoms and the size of the lumps we made the decision to say good-bye. We were with her when they gave her the needle, I never wanted her last moments to be with strangers and to be scared.

Shadow was a very special cat, I fell in love with her the first time I saw her in my yard with her tail covered in burrs. When I called her over to me to see if she was friendly, I removed her burrs and she started licking my arm and then followed me around the yard. Like someone said to me the other day "It was meant to be that she found us". I wish she had had an easier life, and a longer one.

Shadow, wherever you are, I hope you found your favourite ladybug toy.

Shadow's favourite things

Any machine that made noise fascinated her. The breadmaker, hair dryer, vacuum. She was hilarious.

The Undercover Mouse toy, she would go crazy for this toy.

Any sort of plastic bag.

This photo makes me laugh, she always had big round eyes.

She loved watching birds.

She loved sitting on our laps when watching tv.

She was always on countertops, we allowed her to because of Maple. Every morning she hung out on our bathroom counter and wanted us to rub her ears.

She would spend hours in front of the fireplace. She was always the cat that was closest to the fire.

Her ladybug toy. Here she is stealing it out of the cat toybox.

Watching bird movies on my laptop. So cute.

On my lap again.

Going for walks, here she is looking for chipmunks in a wood pile.

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