Sunday, 23 June 2013

Driftwood Provincial Park

In early June we went camping at Driftwood Provincial Park, near Petawawa.

 It was our first time going to this park so we weren't sure what to expect. We had a beautiful site right along the Ottawa river. The first night there were only two other sites occupied so it was very quiet. The second night we had the entire park to ourselves which has never happened before.

Overall, it's a beautiful park with most sites located along the river edge. We would definitely come back here, but it would have to be outside bug season.

View of our campsite from the river edge.

Eric cooking at our site with the river in the background

View of a nice little island across from our campsite

Same view a little later during sunset

Waiting for the sunset

Thank you Mr Loon for giving me the perfect silhouette sunset photo

Campground beach

Saturday evening we stayed at our campsite, cooked dinner, and watched the sunset. Sunday we waited for the rain to stop and then went on a hike in the afternoon. The black flies and mosquitoes were nasty at Driftwood so we didn't hike as long as we wanted to. It would be a nice hike in the fall without all the bugs. Sunday evening we had a campfire at the campsite, it was too cloudy for a sunset but we enjoyed the campfire. Monday morning we headed home.

Lady slipper plant, I must have had ten mosquito bites on my hands taking this photo

 River otter eating a fish at the island across from our site

Fox along the river edge

If you look closely you can see he's eating a piece of garbage at one of the campsites, thankfully the fox spit it out

Outta here!

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