Tuesday, 13 August 2013

New rock garden

During last year's drought I had an area near our patio that looked awful with the grass all dried up. Since I hate grass I decided to remove it and add in a rock garden with low maintenance, drought resistant plants.

What the area looked like before I started. Kind of patchy grass and the pool solar panels stick out like a sore thumb.

Looking especially picturesque during the 2012 summer drought

Starting the rock garden, plants placed into their final position

Adding some bigger rocks, plants are planted

Final product


  1. Love the final product. Would like to do some paths in the same material you used on the steps and other paths I saw on the fine gardening site, please tell me what that material is. Thanks!

  2. Hi Fanny Mae - we used stone dust for our paths and step filler. Fairly cheap, easy to install, and looks natural.