Sunday, 13 July 2014

Snapper on a rock

While cycling on my usual route in Vydon Acres, near the Ottawa River, I crossed a bridge and saw someone near the water taking pictures. I couldn't believe what he was taking pictures of.
There was a very large snapping turtle sitting on a boulder. The photographer had a friend who stayed on the road so I stopped to chat and make sure the turtle was okay. They said they were driving along and saw him on the boulder. Lucky for them since one of them is a professional nature photographer. What are the chances of seeing this?

I went down and took a few photos with my smartphone. It was amazing to see the turtle on the rock.

After I took a few pictures I continued on my bike ride and kept thinking about the turtle, I was a bit worried that someone had put it there and it wouldn't be able to get down without tipping over. When I drove by on my way back the turtle was still on the rock and everyone had left. When I got home, I emailed the Rideau Valley Wildlife Centre to ask if it was normal for a snapping turtle to do this. They replied very quickly that snappers are very good climbers (as you can see by his claws) and that the rock must have been in his way. They did say it was odd though.

I took my car later that night to check on the turtle to make sure it was okay and it was off the rock and was in front so it made it down without tipping over. I was very relieved as getting it off the rock myself wouldn't be easy since they bite. I had brought fireplace gloves that go up to my elbow just in case!

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  1. SO cool. I've never seen a snapping turtle up close. Thanks for the amazing pics.