Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Teardrop camping tips

I wanted to write a post with tips on camping with a teardrop trailer. Our camper is a reverse teardrop so we don't have one of the outdoor galley kitchens. Hopefully other teardroppers find some of the tips helpful.

We bought a PahaQue awning that goes over top the camper, allowing us to get in and out without getting wet when it rains. It also has a flap that goes over the fan so we can leave the fan open if it rains. It gives us ample room to put our two chairs. We also use a mat by Carefree Mats, it's easy to sweep and keep clean. With the mat we track less dirt into the camper. You can see our folding table and stools, they are very handy and much smaller than the picnic table at most campsites. 

We store our shoes in plastic shoe bins overnight. This keeps them dry and bug free.

There are some cabinets inside the camper where you can store clothing but I find it easier to store our clothes in the truck. We purchased some inexpensive plastic drawer units that fit behind our seats. For weekend trips, we share one and for vacations, we each have our own. I can also do a quick change behind the door instead of trying to change in the camper which is a bit awkward since you can't stand up.

All of our dishes fit into our washing tub. We use backpacking silverware that clips together, this keeps it all together in one place. When we aren't camping we store the tub and dishes inside the camper in one of the cabinets.

We keep our food in Rubbermaid containers with lids. Having a lid keeps the food dry when it rains. Overnight we store the food bins in the back of the truck so that wildlife doesn't get into it.

At the campsite, we fill up our water jug that we use for cooking dishes and washing up. We keep our dish water to pour over the campfire at night.

We cook our meals on this portable BBQ, it has interchangeable burners depending on what we're cooking. I still haven't found a great camping toaster so for now we use the one you see on the right, the regular camping fold-up one. I'd like to find something that cooks more evenly. One of our friends gave us a tip to store the propane tank in a milk crate to prevent it from tipping over. A great idea that we stole!

Another tip from our friend that has saved us a lot of frustration: bring a weed torch to start the campfire. This way we don't need kindling or paper, we just let the torch sit there for a few minutes and we have a great fire. This is one of our favourite tips.

If you have any other great camping tips, share them in the comments. I'd love to hear them!


  1. Start even wet camp wood with an old school road flare. Has a nice cheery red glow while the fire starts.

  2. Putting the propane tank in a milk crate is also a great idea! I hadn't thought of that until I saw your pictures. Thanks for the great tips! :)

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